The Joint Center for Energy Research is a research endeavor between Penn State and Dalian University of Technology (DUT) in China. The goal of the Center is to facilitate collaborative and multi-disciplinary research in energy sciences and technology. In addition, the JCER serves as a hub for innovative research and global education and provides an institutional umbrella for interacting with industry, the U.S. and Chinese governments, and local communities in the area of clean energy. Established in April 2011, the JCER has allowed the universities to formalize and expand on previous collaborations as well as promote the exchange of faculty and students. Dr. Chunshan Song, Director of the EMS Energy Institute and Distinguished Professor of Fuel Science at Penn State, co-directs the JCER with Dr. Jieshan Qiu, Associate Dean for Chemical and Environmental Technology at DUT. The EMS Energy Institute coordinates the JCER activities, including faculty and student exchanges and collaborations. Research areas include clean coal utilization, catalysis for chemicals and clean fuels, carbon dioxide capture, carbon dioxide conversion to fuels, bio-energy and water treatment, fuel processing for bio-fuels, computational energy research, carbon materials, characterization of materials, energy economics.