Haoquan Hu

Professor, Chemical Engineering
Vice Dean, School of Chemical Engineering
Department Head, Chemical Technology
Director, Institute of Coal Chemical Engineering

Email: hhu@dut.edu.cn





Research Areas:

  • The application of supercritical fluid in extraction and chemical reactions
  • The preparation and application of carbon and other porous materials
    • Preparation of mesoporous materials for catalyst and adsorbent
    • Preparation of carbon membrane and carbon aerogels
  • Fundamental and applied research on the pyrolysis of coal, oil shale and biomass
    • The integrated process of coal pyrolysis with methane partial catalytic oxidation for high liquid product
    • The characterization of weak covalent bonds in low and medium rank coal and free radicals during coal pyrolysis
    • Coal and biomass to chemicals by hydroliquefaction
    • Kinetic study on coal direct liquefaction