Sarma V. Pisupati,Professor and Program Officer, Energy and Mineral

Professor, Energy and Mineral Engineering
Program Officer, Energy Engineering Program





Research Areas:

  • Fundamental understanding of carbon conversion and the mineral matter transformations in entrained flow gasifiers.
    • Chemical kinetics of thermal decomposition, gasification, and combustion of coal, biomass, coal and various biomass blends.
    • Mechanism/s by which biomass mineral matter catalyses or inhibits thermal decomposition of coal-biomass blends under high temperature and high pressure conditions and catalytic effects during gasification
  • Modify the existing char-oxidation kinetics sub-model in a commercially available CFD tool FLUENTTM , and use more appropriate intrinsic rate parameter to accurately account for the contribution from char-CO2 reaction for the prediction of char burnout and CO emissions.
  • Identify coals that are more suitable for oxy-coal
  • Study the effect of rank during oxy-coal combustion